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John 14:18

No, I will not abandon you as orphans -

I will come to you.

God used sewing machines in those early days to open doors of relationship and the gospel.   During the 10 years of traveling back and forth, we built strong relationships with orphanage directors, sewing teachers, ministry leaders, churches and many more.  What a joy it was to watch the Russian believers grasp the vision of how to share their faith and disciple others through sewing outreach.  At the time we passed the baton of leadership on in this country, we were training and equipping 40+ churches, ministries and leaders of all types.  They used our life skills projects in summer camps, Sunday schools, drug rehab and orphanage programs.  Over the years, many things have changed in Russia,  and many of the orphanages and baby houses we helped are now closed.  We are still serving through ministries and individuals where we built strong relationships  in those initial years.  Check out the stories in the news and media section to learn more.  We continue actively helping the body of Christ reach the many needing hope in Christ in Russia.

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