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Locations Where we are Helping

Making A Difference as the body of Christ

Romans 12:5

We are many parts of one body, and we all belong to each other.

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When we were invited to Albania for our first visit we hardly knew where the country was and very little about their history.  God has indeed grown our faith, enlightened our hearts through the Albanian believers and taught us so much about His work in this country since 2012.  We hope that stories shared on this website inspire you to see God at work in a bigger and glorious way.


Ministry founder, Kathie Arnold was a young girl growing up in a small church in a small town when God began to write this this story on her heart.  She loved to listen to the missionaries home on leave tell their stories and see their slides of work around the world.  When CASMI was given an opportunity to minister to orphans in Kenya in 2004, as well as  evaluate how to help a sewing program, Kathie's childhood dreams became reality.  The story of work in Kenya is one God began long ago.  We pray that the story of "what comes next" will inspire you to go when God says go.



Russia was the country that God chose to begin the CASMI story.  God began laying the foundation for this work in 1991 during a mission trip to share the gospel in the former Soviet Union.  Throughout our website we have many stories of how God has been at work.  The first trip for CASMI was right after 911 and we thought it was another one time event, but God had another story.  We hope our photos,and stories on our site will reveal all that God has done and is doing in this country.  We have many reasons that we love this country and it's people as we do.


God's surprises are daily, but to be building relationships in this country at this time in our history is a big surprise to us.  We never go looking for where to serve as God seems to be doing that for us.  The first visit to Kiev, Ukraine for Kathie Arnold was when it was part of the former Soviet Union in 1991.  She did not dream of going back , until asked in 2017 to prayerfully consider helping establish a sewing outreach with a Ukrainian Orthodox ministry.   Although not looking to expand the ministry, they did pray and yes a Ukraine sewing project began in 2018.  Always asking "what comes next?  Only God can write stories like this!

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