Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.
John 13:35

 Saying good-bye to so many young people we had grown close to during our two trips to Kenya was very hard.  We still do not know if we will return to Kenya in person, but God and the love in the body of Christ has a powerful way of keeping us connected.  In 2017, new communication with orphans we had met began at a new level.  Some were now  married or parents and reaching out to us for encouragement and wisdom.  After getting an education, one young man and his wife returned to the slums and established a work to help others. He founded the ministry  right in the same slums he had been rescued from as a child.  They were doing life skills training, teaching the Bible, and feeding the children.    We were not looking for more opportunities, but prayed when they asked us to help with a sewing outreach as part of their center.  When you pray with a heart to listen, God takes over.  In 2018, God put a donor alongside us who provided enough to train 15 girls from these slums in hair dressing and beauty.  They graduated knowing Jesus and Biblical truth, and some were able to set up a business.  More provision from godly, generous people made it possible for a sewing course to began in February 2019.  God is at work, and we hope you will get connected to help us continue what God has started.