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People and Locations
#7 see photo album >>
Galina, the sewing teacher with boys at orphanage seven.

This orphanage in St. Petersburg, Russia cares for about 80 children ranging in age from 3-18 with many sibling groups. Loving and caring staff create a family atmosphere. Many of these children have special needs. Galina, a talented sewing teacher, teaches them a love of sewing – she is wonderful. They learn counted cross stitch, quilting and more. Their sewing art decorates the walls of the orphanage or is used as gifts.

When we met Galina she did not have a working sewing machine. CASMI has provided a new sewing machine, an over-lock, fabric and supplies. Visit the photo album and see how much fun everyone had making hats with the sewing mission in 2005. They ask each week when we are coming back! Pray and consider finding a monthly sponsor to meet sewing needs for this center.

#60 see photo album >>
Ludmila is the sewing teacher at orphanage sixty.
This orphanage in St. Petersburg, Russia houses about 200 children. We were introduced to #60 through Buckner Orphan Care. Many children from this orphanage are available for adoption and have come to the states through Buckner’s orphan exchange program. This location has a school within the orphanage. It is a good school and their teachers are very skilled. Ludmila is the sewing teacher and the sewing program is large. CASMI has provided three new machines, overlocks as well as fabrics and funding for ongoing supplies. It is exciting to see how our encouragement and added funding has encouraged this program. We continue to pray for a sponsor for the added funding needed for fabrics and supplies throughout the year.
#14 see photo album >>
Nadezhda, the sewing teacher working with a student. This orphanage in St. Petersburg, Russia houses about 80 children. We were introduced to #14 through Buckner Orphan Care. Some children from this home came to the US for an orphan exchange through Buckner. This center has a strong crotchet and dance program but did not have a sewing program. The director asked to start one for the girls and CASMI provided three machines, fabrics and supplies to get a program started. Natasha, a strong Christian sewing teacher, was hired in spring of 2005. All of the children at this center were excited to sew fleece hats with the team in 2005. Pray that more young people will be encouraged to take sewing classes. Natasha has a heart for God and desires to use her sewing program as a place to share Christ and disciple. The cost of her salary is a monthly need as well as providing funds for fabrics and sewing supplies.
Lupohinka see photo album >>
Kladvia is sewing teacher at Lopoohinka with Co-Founder Kathie.
This orphanage is located about 2 hours from St. Petersburg in the Leningrad region outside of Lomonosov and houses about 90 children. We were introduced to this orphanage through Andre the pastor of a Baptist church in Lomonosov. This location does not get as much help from Christian ministries so their needs are far greater than sites in St. Petersburg. A loving teacher named Nina has kept us coming to this site. Kladvia (Nina’s sister) is the sewing teacher. In the summer of 2002 we made a recommendation that this site should receive equipment and Josh McDowell Ministries gave them 3 new sewing machines and CASMI has provided an over-lock and many supplies. Sewing with them in October 2005 was like Christmas day for these children. Visit the photo album. Funding is needed to provide supplies and fabrics for this center. These children have many needs.
The Harbor of St. Petersburg see photo album >>
Nadezhda, The Harbor sewing program's  teacher.

This is a transitional program for orphans after they leave the orphanage. At 17-18 years of age, Russian orphans are turned out into society and must find their own way to make it in life. Most do not. Ninety percent of graduate orphans end up as alcoholics, criminals or prostitutes. Many end up in prison and a large number end up committing suicide. In President Putin’s own words, “A national crisis exists and we must make the orphan problem priority #1.” We were introduced to the Harbor in 2002. The Harbor has a wonderful Christian sewing instructor, Nadezhda, who teaches the girls dressmaking and tailoring. CASMI has helped upgrade their equipment, provide and overlock and a machine for the girls home and in January 2006 provided funding for the girls to make sheets for themselves and for other orphanages. They used their extra fleece we gave them in October to make warm scarf’s for needy orphans. Help us help this wonderful sewing program.

www.theharborspb.org official website for The Harbor in St. Petersburg.

Rodnichok Day Care Center see photo album >>
Day Care Center sewing program.
This program, located in St. Petersburg, Russia, reaches out to street children. Rauza Landorf, a Godly woman that has a heart to help children, is the director of this program. We met in 2005 and learned that God had been laying a foundation for our friendship since 1991. In 1991 Kathie delivered the first translated copies of Moms in Touch International (a prayer ministry for our children and schools) books while on a Josh McDowell mission to Russia. Rauza is one of the moms that God has used to spread this ministry to Russian moms. Josh McDowell also encouraged her in 2001 to move forward with her vision to start the center for street children. What a blessing to join the Lord to water the seeds of faith that were planted in the early 90’s. CASMI provided a new sewing machine in fall of 2005 and in just 3 months the sewing program is bringing children off the streets to sew hats and hear the gospel. Elena is the sewing teacher and loves these children like her own. Please pray about the funding to provide for this center and watch God bless.
Izmael's Church Sewing Program see photo album >>
Izmale learning to sew.
We met Izmael through Buckner as he works full time with the orphans each week. He is a good friend and has a passion for ministry and learned to sew himself as he worked with the CASMI sewing team in 2005. God opened his eyes to the power of how a sewing project was softening these teenagers and children’s hearts. By the end of the week he asked if he could begin a sewing program through his church. We met his pastor and CASMI provided a new machine for their church. They used the sewing program as outreach through their Sunday school. In January they began to look for a location to open up after school sewing classes for outreach to the street children and then invite them to church. Find pictures of Izmael and his pastor in the photo album. We need your help to get this new program established.
Nairobi, Kenya Sewing Program see photo album >>
Nairobi Sewing Teacher

A technical center is located on the grounds of Baptist Children’s Center that offers sewing classes for the women and young girls from the nearby slums. Zipporah (Zippy) is a delightful Christian teacher. An average of 25 come to learn sewing skills. During their time in class Zippy is able to encourage them with the hope in Christ. We were introduced to this program through Buckner Orphan Care and in December of 2005 CASMI was able to provide funding to the program. They have added 7 new sewing machines and purchased fabrics. The students were learning to sew on brown paper bags as no funding was available for fabrics. Pray for the monthly funding to keep this program growing strong as Zippy reaches out to the many women from the slums that come to sew with her.

Nadya - CASMI Russian Ministry Director
Nadya CASMI Coordinator in St. Petersburg

We want you to meet our ministry director, Nadya Boldryn

Nadya joined our team in September 2006. She is pictured with her husband Yan and 4 year old daughter Nastia. Nadya is a loving mother and wife and loves to sew. She has run her own sewing and alteration business, has a degree in economics and loves the Lord. CASMI is blessed to have her skill, passion for ministry.
She makes you laugh and overflows the joy of the Lord. Having strong leadership as we grow is a gift from God.
Leslie Gladman  
Patterns by Leslie Gladman Leslie Gladman, owner of Favorite Things has encouraged the ministry by donating her talent as a pattern designer. Her pattern designs have been the inspiration of the "Patterns for Life". Seamstresses around the world are blessed by her project ideas.
Russian streeet in Winter MIR is a Russian Charity. Through MIR we are able to get official agreements with the orphanages and street centers that we serve. They also help us coordinate all of the details for a mission team to serve in Russia
Land O' Lakes Quilt Guild
Quilts sewn by Land O' Lakes Quilt Guild Land O' Lakes Quilt Guild is a not for profit group of quilters from Lewisville, TX that have helped to provide quilts and gifts for the children. Would your quilt or sewing group like to help?

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