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The number of graduate orphans that do not know how to survive or make it on their own is overwhelming in Russia. Many of the orphans get pregnant and have no idea how to parent. Some of these young people do not want to lose their children to the orphanages, but need help to learn how to be loving parents and support their children in every way.

The Harbor has many success stories of helping graduated orphans succeed and one of their programs is a Young Mothers program. The Harbor has many partnerships with ministries that help them accomplish their goals. One of the ministries that is helping the Harbor provide for the young mothers is Doma - Empowering Women and Embracing Children. They are currently supporting and helping 30 moms in St. Petersburg, Russia. Learn more about their work for young moms and their children called Doma's Bloom Program on their web site. It is so exciting to see the body of Christ join together and make a difference! CASMI needs more prayer warriors to pray for these young orphan moms and dads.

We praise God as many of the staff at the Harbor helping their programs grow are former orphans themselves. They understand how difficult it is to make it and their own stories are a testimony to God alone. The Harbor has art and other items that are created by the orphans at the training center. Funds go back to the orphans. You can find the book telling the story of Alex Kurtov, a former orphan himself, and co-founder of the Harbor.


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Facts about Abortion in Russia:

  • By age 40 most Russian women have had 8 abortions.

  • 2008, there were almost as many abortions in Russia as there were births – with 1,714,000 children born and 1,236,400 terminations.

  • Russia has the highest abortion rate in the world, 53.7 per 1,000 women - a legacy of Soviet times when contraception was not widely available and women turned to abortion as their main form of birth control.

  • The Russian government is considering ways to cut the country's high number of abortions in an attempt to tackle the post-Soviet demographic decline, which threatens its economic prosperity.


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Abortions in Russia

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