Working through the Indigenous Church to
Help Orphans

Creative Workshop Seminars

Creative Workshops had no church relationships in Russia prior to our first trip in 2001 - now we praise God that many denominations and ministries work with and along side CASMI. CASMI offers 3 different ways of training and equipping.

Servant Network of Leaders

This is a group of like minded believers that have a heart to help the orphan.  They come together monthly to pray, network skills and ideas between ministries. We believe that part of the mission God called CASMI to do is to accomplish what we do as a body of Christ.  Nadya Boldyrev and her assistant Valya Sotkina, a former orphan, administrate this prayer and network group. We are seeing many good things coming from this time each month - Learn more - large PDF.


Pray Without Ceasing

The foundation of this ministry began in 1991 during a trip to Russia with Josh McDowell. During this trip, Kathie was asked to deliver the first copies of Moms in Prayer to the women in Russia. Little did we understand that God would grow these seeds and one day bring us back to work with many of those that began to pray. We believe in the power of prayer and claiming God's word as truth. We ask all that visit our site to join our prayer team. Let us know so we can send you special needs too sensitive to post on the website. Contact us @

Evangelism Training

CASMI partners with EvanTel ministries out of Dallas, TX. This ministry is devoted to teach people how to give a clear gospel message. We also have ministry partners able to teach Biblical Ethics conferences. If you are interested let us know.

Here is some of the training we did in Russia in 2009 that the women of the church greatly benefited from.

Masters Creative Workshops

The original idea that started the training and equipping outreach through churches in Russia began through a quilt class with women in 2006. These ladies were already sewing for the needs of orphans so we decided to encourage them with a fun class. It was so successful that the next year in 2007, with the help of a team from the US, we hosted the first citywide workshop. Steve Arnold offered to make tacos for dinner for the ladies at the first quilt workshop, never expecting that his model to serve the women dinner would be repeated by the Russian men of the church for years to come.

In Russia, these Masters Seminars are now hosted in a local church and open to women from all denominations. The men of the church prepare and serve the food and this day is a day off for the ladies. Two Creative workshops are usually offered each year. Women come to fellowship, make new friends, learn how to do new crafts with applications on how to share the gospel. The crafts learned are used for outreach to orphanages, summer camps or Sunday schools by churches and other ministries. Learn more - large PDF.