Some Facts About Orphans and Abused Women

Facts about Women:

  • Human rights activists say that Russian women remain second-class citizens and are subjected to some of the highest levels of domestic abuse in the world.

  • Official figures say domestic violence is part of the life of every fourth Russian family. (Amnesty International)

  • Women from Pakistan face violence every day at the work place. Many work in homes of the rich for 12 hours a day and only get $1 per day. They are abused and fearful of how they will survive.

  • Every forty minutes a woman is killed by domestic violence.(Amnesty International). In the past decade the number of women living in poverty has increased disproportionately to the number of men, particularly in the developing countries. More than 1 billion people in the world today, the great majority of whom are women, live in nacceptable conditions of poverty, mostly in the developing countries.

  • Every day 36,000 women in the Russian Federation are beaten by their husbands or partners. (Amnesty International)

  • Women want one thing – the violence to stop. In the 10-year long war in Afghanistan, the Soviet Union lost 10 thousand soldiers. But the fact that every year about 14 thousand women become victims of domestic violence doesn’t seem to bother anybody and this is discrimination.” Maria Mokhova (Amnesty International).

Facts about Orphans:

  • There are 143 million orphans worldwide as a result of all causes. (UNICEF)

  • Russia's orphan population is roughly 700,000. Of that, about a quarter of them are in some kind of institution or working with a group. 95% of the orphans in Russia have been abandoned to the state - they have one living relative.(Mission News Network).

  • A high population of children in Russia who are growing up with little or no guidance from their families find themselves in impossible circumstances as they approach adulthood. One statistic shows that on their own, one in 10 orphans will make to their 21st birthday. (Mission News Network).

  • When Russian orphans turn 15 or 16, they "age out" of the orphanage system. One Russian study reported that of the 15,000 orphans aging out of state-run institutions every year, 10 percent committed suicide, 5,000 were unemployed, 6,000 were homeless, and 3,000 were behind bars within three years of leaving the orphanage. (Mission News Network)

  • In Russia each year more than 64 percent of all pregnancies end in abortion. (Global Action for Children)

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