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Quilting Needs for the Orphans  

Quilted Coloring Book Bags

Orphanage with donated quilts

Sue Dodgen giving quilt to sewing teacher and director.




Bless an orphan with your quilting skills.

Coloring Book Bag
The Coloring Bag Project was designed by Evonne Cook, owner of Clothesline Quilts, located in northwest Iowa. This is a great way to give to the young kids and present them with God’s good news.

Russian Christian coloring books will be given away in Russia and we are praying for 400 bags to distribute to children in November 2007 and March 2008. If you would like to share your talent with CASMI, this pattern can be found in many quilt stores & can be ordered online using the link below. When choosing fabric, keep in mind, boys will also recieve this gift! The Coloring Bag Project is collected all year around! This little girl would love having one of these coloring bags!

Large Coloring Bags are 10" x 10.5", plus handles. This bag holds 2 large (8.5" x 11") coloring books & 20 crayons. Quick & easy sewing makes this Large Coloring Bag a wonderful way for you to bless an orphan. Want to help?


The product code: CLQLCB, and pattern price: $7.00. Please assist us to bless the creator of the pattern by purchasing this design! Thank you Evonne for loving kids with your design!

Instructions and details in PDF

It is hard to put into words the joy of giving an orphan a handmade quilt! As a result of many loving hands and hearts, CASMI has been able to bless many orphans with a new quilt. What a joy it would be to share the pictures and stories more effectively. However, the task of getting enough quilts for each child packed and hand delivered is difficult. In 2006, CASMI gave quilts to 90 children at one orphanage, 22 children at a handicapped orphanage, and over 50 baby quilts, as well as baby bedding. What a blessing for all!

CASMI also supports 2 ladies groups from Russian churches that sew quilts and bedding in Russia for the needs of the children. We have set them up with sewing machines and provide fabrics for them. Would you like to partner with them at $100 per month? This contribution provides supplies (fabrics) for the quilts made by the Russian women.

Starting in 2007 CASMI will only be taking enough quilts for one orphanage per mission. The caregivers have given us the sizes and genders of the children so that they will fit the beds and child’s needs.

Instructions and details in PDF

Would you like to use your talents to sew or quilt for these children?




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