Church Leaders

CASMI has been built through the love and partnership of so many. Watching God use people to accomplish His goals is a true joy for us. Our work involves individuals from so many denominations that we no longer can record them all. It is truly a work of the Body of Christ. Here are some highlights of some of our ongoing partnerships.

Highlight’s of God’s people @ work through the church:

The programs below have PDFs with more details and pictures. These are files intended for printing thus are very large and may take a few minutes to download.

Women Sewing
Nikolskoe Orphanage
Nehmiah Home

Presbyterian church seam stress starts sewing program for young women recovering from drug additions.

> Pushkin Presbyterian Sewing program (PDF)
> Rehab Center (PDF)


Pastor's wife uses her artistic talents to train other women of the church.

> Nikol’skoe Orphanage (PDF)

Pastor of small church and his wife inspire their church to reach 100ís of orphans and foster care families each year.

> Peter's Church (PDF)

Lupohinka Orphanage
House of Prayer
Inspiration Womens' Group

Two Methodist pastors and church offer hope to many orphans and their families.

> Spring Center (PDF)

view photos Spring Center

A pastor of a small country church uses his former life skills to transform lives for Christ.

> Lupohinka Orphanage (PDF)
> Lomonosov Baby House (PDF)
> Lomonosov Baptist Church (PDF)

Russian Church women use their sewing abilities to sew for the needs of the orphans.

> Inspiration Women's Group (PDF)
> Hospital #15 (PDF)
> Scarlet Threads (PDF)
> #7 (PDF)

Orphanage 60

Graduate orphans turning to the church people for help.

> learn more on graduate orphans

Photos view photos #14

Photos view photos #60

God's work through sewing in Africa, Albania, and Pakistan.

> Pakistan (PDF)
> Africa
> Albania (PDF)
> Helping Widows in Albania (PDF)
> Outreach in Berat (PDF)

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