Come and Sew Sewing School

School History: 1991- 2004

COME and SEW sewing school was started in the Arnold dining room in 1991. Kathie put her education degree and love of people to work and watched the school quickly grow to several classes of girls and women of all ages. An average of about 35 women and children came weekly for classes.

Young girls learning to sew.As these girls and women came into our home every week, they were introduced to not only sewing concepts, but they also had an opportunity to witness a Christ centered home in action. Our grandchildren love to sew with Kathie these days.

If you are a sewing teacher or would like to consider teaching we want to encourage you to follow your heart. If you need encouragement please let us know how we can help. Maybe you just want to share your stoA cheerful Anna learns to sew at a young age.ry to inspire others ... we would be delighted to hear how God is using you!

Keep sewing and use your gifts for God’s glory!

It is impossible to keep up with the fruits of these years but Kathie loves to hear from former students and new friends from near and far that have been inspired to start a sewing businesses, sewing schools or just love to sew for family and home.