Our Objectives

Around the world, women and children face devaluation and abusive situations daily. Their struggle is great. In many countries it is the woman who care for the families needs: financially, spiritually and emotionally.

Our objective is to inspire believers — especially the women — with a Biblical model of relevant evangelism and discipleship through the local church.

Our objective is to build long-term friendships with body of Christ, orphans, widows and those without the hope of a Savior.

Our objective is to pray more effectively for the women and children we serve.

Our objective is to be authentic as we share our life struggles letting others see how God has given strength. We all struggle with the same needs.

Our objective is to teach believers to look solely to God's Word for their strength and direction.

Our objective is to create a ministry model that works in their culture.

To accomplish our objectives we work with small groups of committed Christians in their area of the world. We give gifts cautiously through the local Christian church - not directly to the orphanages. This accomplishes two goals;

1) Our relationships are built on trust and caring not on big spending.

2) It allows the church to build the relationship with those in need with the hope that those needing help will turn to the indigenous church for help.

In Russia a yearly event - focused to train and encourage women to use creative projects to do Life skills evangelism is called the Creative Master’s Seminar. It has become an effective way to encourage, build trust, train all denominations and to link two cultures through creative arts. Read more about Creative Masters’ Seminar.