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About Come and Sew Ministries, International

God's Accomplishments

Co-founder Kathie giving sewing machine to orphanage in Fall of 2003.
Over 60 sewing machines have been placed in the St. Petersburg, Russia area over just two years.

Russian sewing team.
The first sewing mission trip was a team of twelve to St. Petersburg, Russia.

Kayla and Emma - sewing students of Kathie's classes go on first mission trip to sew.


CASMI has helped to provide over 60 sewing machines to orphanages, street centers, transitional homes and other sewing programs. We have developed or improved programs in many of these institutions.

On September 29th, 2005, CASMI took a team of twelve to St. Petersburg for the first CASMI sewing mission trip. We held sewing workshops at four orphanages, one street center and one transitional home. Three husbands (not yet experienced seamstresses) accompanied their wives on the trip and were extremely helpful with “crowd control”, evangelism. They also spent time evaluating the industrial arts programs and purchasing much needed supplies and tools.

God provided an extra blessing when two of Kathie’s sewing students, Kayla Johnson (13) and Emma Heslep (12), were able to join this mission team. These girls love Jesus, love to sew, and wanted to share both with the children. Kayla has been a “pen-pal” with one of the orphans and got to sew with her in Russia.

December of 2004, CASMI began investigation of sewing programs in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya . We returned to Kenya the following December (2005) where sewing workshops were offered to the children of the Nairobi Baptist Children’s Center.

In August, 2005, Sue and Don Dodgen (Sue is a very talented seamstress who went with CASMI on our first sewing mission trip and Don is a professional golfer) created and hosted a Charity Golf Tournament for CASMI.

* Note: CASMI is short for Come and Sew Ministries, International


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